10 Things about Me!

July is here! I am so ready for fall (AKA my favorite time of year and I hate hate the hot) BUT fall means back to school and I am SOO not ready for that. Do any other educator friends feel that?!

I have been listening to podcasts and reading about how to be more visual and relatable in my business. So the next couple blog posts will be a behind the scenes in what I do to run my store and other parts of my life :D

So excited to share this with you all!

10 things you may not know about K. Ellis Boutique or myself!

  1. I run K. Ellis pretty much by myself :0 from the packaging, photos, buying, inventory ALL me. My sister and family/friends do help from time to time but since leaving Lubbock I really wanted to run my business and understand all aspects. (AKA I am a control freak and bossy as heck)
  2. I named the store K. Ellis because my siblings and I are all K’s. Kayce, Kayla (me), Kolton and Kassidy. I hope one day to have both my sisters helping me! I highly doubt Kolton will want too but you never know HAHA
  3. I have a masters degree in Guidance and Counseling. Before, when I was in college I knew I loved the retail side but I also loved education. Therefore, I have taught for 3 years (going back this year to teaching) and was a counselor for 2 years!
  4. I am a BIG TIME  homebody. I used to not be AT ALL, but over the years I would so rather be at home than out doing stuff. I am trying to make myself be more social lol but it is a struggle!
  5. I love reading and learning about the monarchy in Europe lol, yes I know so so weird. But I can tell you almost anything you want to know about the monarchy from like 134135872805 years ago. SOO NERDY. When we go to Europe next summer I have almost all the castles planned out to a T haha sorry Chance.
  6. I love all of the Real Housewives, Southern Charm, and other reality tv types haha my guilty pleasure. IT all started back with Laguna Beach and the Hills
  7. I hate cooking and I am horrible at it. PLEASE Send me all your easy recipes. I try to eat as clean as possible but hate to cook soooo very very hard over here!
  8. I love to travel and spend SOOO  much time planning out where/what to do. I make a detailed itinerary everywhere we go LOL it drives Chance crazy. I am definitely not a go with the flow top of person lol.
  9. My favorite show is Gossip Girl and The Crown. Totally 2 opposite things but I LOVE them.
  10. I am one of the biggest Harry Potter nerds besides Nicole and Kayce!

    What fact from the list above surprised you the most?

Let me know what you thought in the comments below! Share your top 10 things below, I would love to hear them!


So I have some of the most exciting news I can not wait to share with you all stay tuned for next week!!!




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