Spotlight Project

Spotlight project

We are always committed to giving back and found the most AMAZING new company we are working with. The Spotlight Project.

I have been in education for 6 years and this mission is so dear to my heart.

spotlight project give back

I found the information from the Spotlight Project Website and Just thought I would share. You can buy the bracelets here.


Each bracelet purchased directly provides employment to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, while shining a light on their meaningful contributions to society. Each purchase creates jobs! All bracelets are handmade in New York, by an individual with an intellectual or developmental disability.

The Spotlight Project was founded with a distinct mission in mind:

  • Raise employment for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.
  • Shine a light on their meaningful contributions to society.




The brand specializes in handcrafted bracelets.  Each member of the team plays an integral role in all stages of the bracelet making process.  They provide training to each member until they master the art.  They are encouraged to brainstorm color and design ideas, as we aim to inspire creativity and embrace each artisan’s unique style.



  • Embracement - seek to support and grow each member’s differing ability.  We welcome individuals with a wide range of intellectual and developmental disabilities, as we know everyone has a unique gift to offer.
  • Awareness - wish to show the world the positive contributions people with differing abilities have on society.  We’re inspired to promote the creation of a world that views all individuals on the same stage. 
  • Unity - in this together.  We promote collaboration; a team effort where everyone supports each other to reach our common goal.  We’re grateful for the individual working beside us.  We are a family.
  • Authenticity - know who we are, WE’RE REAL.  We’re genuine to our brand, mission and values.  We value our members first and foremost, and in turn they value you, and your support for us.

I hope you will continue this mission and support by buying the bracelets we carry.

You can find them here



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