Storefront 2020

Hey friends! Long time no update!

Just wanted to give a quick update with our storefront.

We were planning on opening by August 1 but that has changed.


With everything going on the timeline has taken longer Thant expected. BUT don’t worry we are still planning a September opening! Hence this was taken 1 week ago :D! This is also my FIRST project and I am  learning so much! 


What does this mean for my online other individuals outside of the Abilene area?!?

No worries at all we will still have a  FULL selection online. Some items will only be available for my online customers and some just for my storefront!


I am planning on having a larger selection of S-3xl once the store opens as well! This will also be available online.


By Christmas time, we will also have stocked gifts for the entire family! That way you can shop online, in person, or through our APP and get all your shopping done for your entire family!

Cheers to almost August!



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