Mornings... my favorite!

Morning routine!!

Good morning friends!!

One of my goals this year is to also get back into regular weekly blogging! I get so many comments/messages from friends asking me questions/ life stuff. I love sharing these things with you.

Today I am going to talk quickly about my morning routine. As a full-time teacher, business owner, wife, and dog mom (also adding another FUN thing I can’t wait to share a little later) I am SUPER busy. I find it is easiest to get my day started and some working done in the morning.


Every morning here is what I do (well 80% of the time :D)


  • Wake up at 5:30
  • I work out in the morning 2x a week. Currently, I am doing Tone It Up strength training 2x a week and running in the afternoons 3x. I am trying to be more diligent in this but Y'ALL I hate working out so I am TRYING lol anyone else feel this way?!
    • The easiest way to get a workout done in the morning is to have my workout clothes all ready!
  • After workout or not I ALWAYS drink a glass of water before coffee! I have read a ton of studies about how this is soo good for your body!
  • COFFEE I love coffee I probably drink WAY too much but oh well. Currently, I just use almond milk and some skinny syrups or nut pods!
  • I start the morning with my Start Today Journal by Rachel Hollis it is MY favorite. You can get it here:
  • I then complete my Bible Study with the First5 app and I love love their APP! It is free and if you are looking for something to start I highly suggest this App.
  • I t try to get SOME work down whether it is scheduling some Instagram stories, answering emails just something to get my day started!

My routine usually takes me about 1:10 but guys it is soo easy to get in the routine and it is relaxing to get the day started on such a good note.

5:30 was so hard at first but now I enjoy it and look forward to my morning time! What is your morning routine?  Let me know below <3



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