Summer Loving

Hi everyone! 

I haven't posted in two weeks :D life has been crazy around here. 

We moved from Lubbock the first of June and if you have ever moved you know that when one thing goes wrong they ALL go wrong. But shoutout to Chance's family for all the help (it was so hot I almost died) 

We also are closing on our house on the 15th! We are so excited to purchase our first home and make new memories and our home in Abilene, Texas. 

I also just went to market for fall and winter apparel.  (I know crazy how early you have to shop for)  I went with my mom and sister and we had a blast! Next week I will do a full post on what we have/ trends we see coming for fall 2018! Here is a sneak peek! 

This WHOLE outfit will be arriving in September! 

Sweatshirts are our favorite! These are some of the cutest ones we have ever seen!  


P.S. How cute is Kayce (my twins) face in this photo ;) 

Back to the main subject

Today I wanted to share 5 of my favorite summer items. I personally use ALL of these products and they can all survive this Texas HEAT. 

1. St.  Self Tanner

I have used this for a while and I love it! The color is great and lasts for a long time!  Buy the foam and the spray! They are each about $11 at Target or Amazon ( I have them linked here & here as well as the pictures!  

Tips: Use a mit, spray at night and then shower in the morning ( there is a smell and I have noticed if I shower in the morning it is gone). Exfoliate and shave the day before (not right before) I have noticed that this helps to not have the tanner in pores creating a dark brown look. 

2. Statement Earrings

I wear my hair up ALL time during the summer... I have naturally curly hair and let me just say it does not do well with the heat/humidity! So I love wearing my hair up and pair with cute statement earrings. We have a TON just added to the website, you can shop here

Below are some of my favorites!




3. Maxi Dress

Who else loves a good throw on a dress and go?! I do! I have soo many events that I have to go to this summer and I need easy fun outfits. Maxi dresses are/have been my go-to. Also, this one style by SabbyStyle is the cutest thing I have ever seen! This dress color is out of stock but will be RESTOCKED next week plus another amazing color! Shop here to see other maxi options. 

4.  Native Deodorant 

I love this deodorant it is paraben free and aluminum free! Which to be honest I really did not care/have any idea about this type of stuff until I was given a free trial month. Now I can not live without it! Also, it is free shipping and you can choose from multiple fragrances.  

5. Tone It Up Workouts

Okay so any of you who know me know I HATE to workout. However, I have found the most amazing group of women who workout and choose to live a healthy and purposeful life. If you have never heard of Tone It Up click here to find out more. They have a nutrition plan, daily workouts, challenges and an APP that tells you what to workout every day. Also, they are NOT annoying like some trainers can be. My besties, Nicole, and twin Kayce have been doing their workouts for quite some time and have finally got me hooked! My sweet friend Sara and I have been working out twice a day :D 5:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. It has been SOOO hard to wake up but now I am getting used to it and actually really enjoy seeing the sunrise. 

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