2019 Plans and Goals

Hey everyone!

I am finally having time to sit down and plan out my goals for 2019! Who else loves to plan out goals and dreams for the year? I love making resolutions and goals for each month and then setting to accomplish them each week.

    • Being content
      • Being content with where I am in life. Store, job, and money wise. I can notice myself at times wanting more more more. However, this year I am going to try to remind myself that life is not about keeping up with Jones’ but being content where I am in life. There is also a store goal that I set for myself and Ia going to hopefully double my store sales next year. I am so thankful for you and this platform and I am encouraged daily from you all to keep pursuing this adventure. I am also encouraged my God who tells me to be patient because he knows the way for me. This is extremely hard as I want to compare my success and where I am at with my store with other people but Y'all like I have said it before comparison is the thief of joy! 
    • Health
      • I am working on being the best I can be this year, health and spiritually wise. I get extremely caught up in life and I feel like I put my health on the back burner. Right now I am eating healthy making good choices and working out to feel better about myself! There is going to be a dedicated blog in March with an update with the exact plan I am doing!
    • Being present with my friends and family
        • I can get so caught up with work that I am not fully present with my friends and family. 2 of my best friends (including my twin) are getting married this year and I want to be fully present during their special times. Also to carve out special time each week for me is important.
        • Traveling
            • I am going or HOPING to go to 5 places on my bucket list for the year. We are planning on going to Santa Fe, New Mexico for Spring Break. And I will update you all with a blog post for each of our travels. I love planning traveling expenditures so I love to share with you!  I am also planning on a fall road trip to the northeast, a few local Texas trips.
            • Saving money
                • Yes, how am I going to save money while traveling? HAHA I have thought of this for a while. I set down and looked at my bank statement ( it is scary if you choose to do that prepare in advance)and got rid of stuff I do not need. Subscription boxes, makeup and going out to eat I am cutting back. So far so good and I am sticking to budget and love it!

                What are some of your goals or resolutions for the year?1 Let me know below.

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