40 Days of Thanks Challenge!

Blog for Thanksgiving week


Happy Thanksgiving week! I can not believe that it is already time for Thanksgiving break and the holiday season. I work in education as well and let me just say teachers NEED this time out. This was me Friday :D

Retail during the holiday season is SO busy. However, this is my FAVORITE time of year. I love being able to visit with family, friends, and decor. Oh, and to mention all the food ALL THE FOOD.

This holiday season I am working on each day to be thankful. I challenge you to participate in my challenge!

It starts Wednesday, November 21st and goes until the New Years. 40 days of Thanks!  I just have a small little journal I bought from the dollar tree section and made it my thankful journal!

Here is how it works:

  1. Buy a journal and label it Thankful for 2018
  2. Label each page with the following heading!
  3. Each day answer the challenge.
  4. One the first post re-read your answers and start 2019 with a grateful heart


40 days of Thankfulness

  1. A song I am thankful for
  2. A spiritual practice
  3. A person
  4. A place
  5. A food
  6. A memory
  7. A luxury
  8. A book
  9. An animal
  10. A part of nature
  11. An experience
  12. A store
  13. A saying or quote
  14. A keepsake
  15. A disappointment or fear
  16. A charity
  17. A photograph
  18. A tradition
  19. A restaurant
  20. My job
  21. Something old
  22. Something new
  23. Something in my home
  24. A scripture
  25. A person you spent time with today
  26. A person who makes you laugh
  27. A dessert
  28. A game
  29. A travel destination
  30. A local spot
  31. A personal trait
  32. A personal gift or ability
  33. A single moment today
  34. A piece of technology
  35. A color
  36. A smell
  37. A piece of art
  38. A moment this week
  39. Something money can’t buy
  40. The favorite part of this challenge


I will share on the first and can not wait to see yours! Happy Thanksgiving!

Also, I will start blogging back now that my life is slowing down :) Wedding details coming soon!

Happy Thanksgiving! 


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