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Hi everyone!

It has been so long since my last blog post. Let me tell you it has been crazy busy over at my end. Still, NO excuse when I said I was going to do something I need to follow through… but hey life happens!!


Right now I am really really swamped with all my duties as a school counselor ( if you work in education give your counselor a hug this time of year is CRAZZZYYY.)


One thing I have learned while working in education is how organized I must be!   Just wanted to do another announcement that I am collecting a SHORT survey to help me serve YOU better! It is only 2 questions and there is a discount code at the bottom. 


Click here to complete it! 


This week I wanted to focus on responses that I have received in my survey.  

**Organization & time management** who else struggles with staying organized and time management?! ME!! 


Over the past couple of years, I have found & developed some great tips to help me stay motivated and organized throughout the week and month. 


***I  know everyone is different, but I HAVE to have a paper planner, something about checking the things to do off my list that makes me feel happy. ( yes I know strange ;)) The planner I use currently has a monthly view as well as a weekly planner with times slots. It is AMAZING!! You 
  • Here comes the GREAT news. 
    • Since I have received a TON of results on how to get organized /time management, I am going to have THE best planners available for the holiday season! Think stocking stuffers, GREAT gifts, or of course for you to use personally. Also, there will be few freebies and printables that will go along with these great GIFTS. ((Stay tuned))
      • yes, I know so crazy to think pens make a difference but they really do! I am a sucker for the PaperMate Flair pens. They are my FAVORITE and don’t bleed through which is a super pet peeve of mine.
      • SO IMPORTANT if you are EXTRA like Me I color code all my “events in my life”. I promise y'all this step is so important because you can look at your planner and see what it is the MOST important and everything stands out. Here is my list of how I color code:
          1. Pink-Store stuff
          2. Green -Bills
          3. Blue- Work 
          4. Black- personal (Church, cleaning, parties, date night etc… ) 
          5. Orange- working out
          6. Purple- Wedding
          7. Red- friends and family things ex- one of my besties is getting married so she falls into this category :) 
      It takes some time to get used to the colors but now I CANNOT live without them. Take time at the beginning of the month 

      • I love the beginning of every month because that is where I set 3 goals for myself and plan out what I need to get done this month. It is also my time to reflect and look back on the previous month. I am striving to start doing more self-reflection and this is such an important part! 
      • Take time at the beginning of every week. 
      • Sunday night is my time! I love LOVE LOVE to sit down with a glass of wine, tea or coffee and plan out my week. I use my color coding pens (see above) and start planning out what I need to get done. 
          1. It is so important to schedule workouts/meetings/ so then you do not have an excuse! 
          2. I know my schedule is a little more hectic just because of the store and wedding so start small and see where you can go. 
      • Don’t forget to keep your eyes out for our planners launching November 1st! 


        I would love to hear your thoughts and for you to share what are some of your best ways to stay organized?!


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