Comparison & The Silos!

Happy Wednesday! I can not believe we are already halfway through July... where has the time gone!?!

  I am currently on a work trip (my "big girl" benefits job ;) ) for the week in Waco, Texas. I finally got to go to the Silos! I was so excited because I love them... I think it is safe to say almost everyone does?!

We got there at 4 p.m.and ya'll it was SO dang packed. You would think on a Wednesday at 4 o'clock during the HOTTEST week ever that it would be dead... So far from the truth!

I got the lavender lemon cupcake and gotta say it was soo so so good. The concept is so neat and they are ROCKING it.  I do have to say Waco has the cutest little downtown area.

I have never been and visited Waco, so I was super excited to see how much there is to do and see. There were so many antique shops, boutiques, and mom and pop shops that I needed another day to finish it all! 

Since we are halfway through 2018, I decided to do some reflecting on my goals I set for this year. Let me tell ya'll I made HUGE HUGE goals. Majority of them I am still going strong  I am so proud of myself! However, one goal I think many of you can relate to even without realizing it! My main goal for 2018 was to  Stop comparing myself/business to others. 

Because of my business, I am CONSTANTLY on social media ( I am not bashing social media because without it I would not have my business). I actually enjoy social media A LITTLE TO Much ;) . Lately, I have noticed I look at other peoples business and think "why can't that be me, why can't I do this full time, they have more followers, and the thoughts go on and on! I also follow a lot of "bloggers/influencers" and if you have ever noticed their pictures are always soo "AMAZING"   (traveling and style that is to die for)  So tonight I have unfollowed all of the other business like mine and any other people or profiles that make me go down the path of jealousy and comparison. One blogger/influencer that I  LOVE LOVE is Sabbystyle she is so down to earth and has  REAL life stuff. She inspires me and I find myself inspired with her posts/blogs instead of comparing myself. Some other great motivating women are Jenna Kutcher, Rachel Hollis, and Allyson Rowe

 **edited to add not saying  bloggers are bad and to unfollow I am just expressing MY opinion and what works for ME, finding that niche with who inspires me is what I am aiming for** 

I was reading Family Life and came across this article some parts that stood out to me were:

  • "The idea of jealousy or comparisons is nothing new—it goes all the way back to the Bible, but social media has heightened our awareness.
  • We all want to give the impression that we’re happy. It’s embarrassing to admit to any weakness, especially publicly. That’s why you see people tweeting pictures of gifts, vacations, and nights out instead of a status like, “We’re having issues tonight; pray for us.”
  • But when others compare their real life with your fake happiness, they’ll always come up short. As Dave Ramsey says, “Never compare someone else’s highlight reel with your behind-the-scenes footage.”
  • We all want a newer car, a nicer wardrobe, and a bigger house, but what would it feel like to surrender your need for those things and seek to find contentment with what you already have? To me, that’s the only way to really win.
  • Continually having your eye on someone else will keep you from being everything God has called you to be. Saul is the perfect example of what happens when you fall for the comparison trap. What Saul couldn’t know is that the Bible describes him as “the most handsome man in Israel—head and shoulders taller than anyone else in the land” (1 Samuel 9:2, NLT).

Everyone is at a different stage in their journey.  Try to Ignore the ideals set by the media and listen and seek what God has planned for you.

My prayer for you is that I encourage you to pray and follow people that inspire you... and you are AWESOME just how you are. (Just like your  Mom always said:) 


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