New Orleans- Spring Break Trip!

Chance and I are planning a spring break trip to New Orleans! (yes we are thinking we are still in college ;) ) I do love having the flexibility of the school system and online store!  

We also love to travel (okay not so much him) but I do! I have planed our weekend out to a T. If you have ever been or know anywhere, we should go let me know! 

So far we have the following planned: This is my second trip here and I am still so excited! 


Jackson square/Frenchman street 


  • World war II museum
  • Lunch/Brunch at-
  • Explore Canal Street
    • Carousel  house
    • Casino
    • Big easy
    • Walk along  pier (Spanish
  • Dinner @???
  • Out to Frenchman street and bourbon
    • Frenchman- musts- t
      • the spotted cat
      • Snug harbor

  • Cafe Due M
  • Flight leaves 11:19 (get there at 9:30)


*A TRAVEL tip* Skyscanner you must use this website to search for the best deals for flights. 

I will post a recap of outfits and pictures when we get back! 



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