Tips for staying organized!

Hey everyone! 

Fall is finally in full swing (FINALLY) who else loves fall?! ME ME ME! Fall and Winter (Christmas time) are my favorite seasons. 

I am working diligently to make sure I am spending my time constructively but it is so hard to stay organized and motivated at times. 

This blog post I will go through some of my favorite planners and tips for staying organized even for the busiest girl!


1. Planner! 

Of course this is a given but not until recently have I really started to use my planner. I like the planners with times because I LOVE to time block my day ( I will get into that later). 

My favorite planner right now is Plum Paper

I have a month view, goals, daily planner and I added a few extra add ons (budgeting, fitness and sales plans) I LOVE LOVE their planners. I have used Target brands and Corie Clark and they are both GREAT!

2. Time blocking

I learned this tip from the Skinny Confidential blog (read/subscribe & listen to their podcast AMAZING! ) I do better when I block out my time for what I have to do that day. I only do something for 45 minutes and then I do something active (get a drink of water or talk a quick walk) I have noticed I am much more productive this way.

3. Working out-

Yeah I know who wants to work out, not me! BUT I have started to make working out a priority and I have noticed I am WAY less stressed. I love following the Tone It Up plan and workout they are quick and effective and their food is AWESOME. 

4. Relaxing-

I make myself relax/unwind around 9:30 EVERY night and I make sure I am in bed by 10:00 reading and NOT on my phone. I have started to not look at my phone at night and notice I can fall asleep faster. I am reading the Lilac Girls SO GOOD! 

Hope all these tips help you to stay organized! Contact us if you are interested in links! 



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