Wedding Day Series Part 3

Last Wedding post of the series!

Hey everyone!!

I am recovering from wisdom teeth and getting ready to go back to 9-5 job next week insert sad face :( Monday we are having a pop up in San Saba and I am so excited to see everyone and show them our spring pieces. My plan was to start doing my store full time after my contract in June is up. However, we just moved to Abilene and honestly, I need to probably work one more year to make friends HAHA. I will post more about my decision later in the month.

Our Reception

My goal for our reception was for everyone to have fun! I wanted it to be relaxed and not uptight at all. My husband and I like to have fun so that was my goal!  That is not me as a person and so that is why I choose the layout/ timeline as I did.

We entered through these doors made by my mom.


I had a head table and then no assigned seating for everyone else. We had fajitas and chips and salsa MY favorite.


The dessert bar was made by me (just kidding) I ordered everything separately and my friend Lauren set it up the day of (hint SO MUCH cheaper this way)


MY cake backdrop and photo drop was made by Hannah Davis and I was so pleased with them! The tables, flooring, and lights are from Marquee events in Austin.


The bar was made by Chances cousin and I now use it for a bar in our backyard and a checkout counter for my pop up events.

My centerpieces my mom and I worked on for FOREVER. The salt rock was not the exact color I wanted but no one notices! My mom was a super help!!


We did sparklers for an exit and it was my favorite ever!


This is my last blog post for our wedding! I just wanted to shout out again to my family and Chance’s family they helped us so much!

Up next will be a long OVERDUE travel series. What was your favorite part of your wedding or what are you looking forward to?



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