Spring Trends 

Can you believe we are here in April?! What a crazy beginning to 2019 but it has been amazing and I am so excited for right now and our future with K. Ellis! I just got back from market buying for summer and pre-fall. Today’s blog is all about trends for summer and fall. While at the market I can see what is trending and the future of buying! L.A. is usually a little bit ahead of our fashion! Top 6 trends I am planning on carrying for the next seasons and a sneak peak into some that are coming <3 

  1. Animal Print
    EVERYWHERE I saw animal print. I have always carried a little bit of cheetah or leopard print but while at market that trend is exploding. Cheetah, leopard, snakeskin be ready to see it through at least the fall. I picked up a few goodies so be on the lookout the upcoming months.

  2.  Stripes
    Long gone are the days when our mothers said horizontal stripes make you look wide HAHA or was that just my mother (JUST KIDDING MOM) but stripes are still trending this year. I love a classic stripe mostly for work on casual wear. I have a beautiful maxi coming in June that I know you will love with the stripe trend!

  3. Coral/Lavender and Blue
    These colors were also extremely purple. I can not complain because I love them all!! Currently we have a few of these colors in stock you can find the lavender here, coral here, and blue here.
  4. Polka dots
    I am not SUPER excited about polka dots. But this was everywhere as well. What do you think about polka dots should I get or no?!

  5. Hair accessories
    SO SO SO EXCITED for hair accessories. These can range from hot line hair ties as we have below OR even hair scarves.P.S. If you have not tried these hair ties run run to grab some!! You can buy them here 

  6. Linen
    Another super trend I am excited about! I have a few options coming. But I love linen because it looks great for work and fun. Great erstwhile as well for all seasons!


What are your favorite trends for spring 2019?! Let me know some items you want to see more of and I will get on it!



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