Wedding Day Series Part 2

Ceremony and 1st Look

Hey everyone!

IT is the week before spring break and I am so excited! We are going to Santa Fe, NM for a few days and that place has been on my bucket list so excited to go see the cute little town. Who else has some fun plans?! I am also getting my wisdom teeth out during spring break so no fun there :(

Back for my second look at our wedding! This week I am talking about our ceremony and 1st look. I got so many emails asking about our 1st look that I wanted to share why we chose to do the first look.

First, look

We choose to do the first look because I get really anxious about being the center of attention!  I wanted to just relax and be able to see Chance who calms me down! Also, our photographer showed us wonderful pictures of first looks and I also researched some and I was in love! Our videographer and photographer got some great shots. I will link our wedding video here and here are some of our photos from the first look.

I also liked that they both got the first look but we got some time to ourselves. People always said you barely have time to breathe on your wedding day and this is so true! It was nice to just be able to breathe and take it all in for 5 minutes :D



We had a super simple ceremony and nothing special or out of the ordinary. I felt so blessed to be surrounded by our family and friends to start our marriage under God! The one thing I loved was our guest book. I made a photo book through Shutterfly! Our photo book consisted of photos from when we were dating all the way to our engagement season and photos! I now have it sitting on our coffee table and love it!

Next week

I will showcase our reception! That was my favorite part to plan. Happy Spring break!!



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